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McHenry, IL  

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Servicing Area:
  McHenry, IL
  Crystal Lake, IL
  Wonder Lake, IL
  Woodstock, IL
  Johnsburg, IL
  Ringwood, IL
  Lake Moor, IL
  And outlying areas



Choosing the right service at the right price is easier than ever. Please select service you are interested in to see the pricing.

Computer Services Pricing


Complete Re-install of Windows and Mac OS

Computer Networking

Spyware, virus, malware removal

Upgrade Existing Computer or  New Computer Setup

Install/run cables for computer system
Repair, Update, Install all operating systems: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Linux, Ubuntu

Improve Computer Performance

PC Complete
 25-50% improvement in speed and performance

PC Optimization
 20-25% improvement (the light side of PC Complete)



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