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General Maintenance of your PC can increase the life of your computer, up to 2-3 years 
The overall performance and speed will increase 25%

PC Tune-Up Lite includes:

●  Clearing out All Temporary files (backend included)
●  *Ensuring all spyware, malware and virus software is installed
●  Free antivirus, malware and cleaner installed
●  Removing unnecessary system files
●  Windows errors, System and Registry Defrag
●  Windows definitions up to date

 Always $50.00  per computer
(Increases performance and speed - general maintenance) drop-off only

On - site is $60.00 per computer - each additional is $50.00

Senior Discount 10%

must mention promotion
 (65 & Up)
only applies to service
 and not parts



   Full PC-Tune-up Optimization includes:   (This is an intensive clean)         

    • Clearing out All Temporary files including backend Temporary files
    • Removing spyware (free software included)
    • Detect and remove  Malware-Worms-Trojans, spyware 
    • Virus software installation and scan
    • Updating current anti-virus definitions and software
      (Home users the antivirus software is free)
    • Clearing out Start-up files, check/remove windows errors.
    • Windows updates -auto set and up to date
    • Registry clean and defrag, Defrag Computer System
    • Remove dust from inside computer
    • Install additional memory (memory card not included)
    • Repair any hard disk errors
    • Simple maintenance training
  •  Some infections might require a complete reinstall of windows.
    When you get infected shut machine off immediately and call us.

$75.00 (save $25.00)    2  machines $110.00 (save $30.00) MUST MENTION AD
$99.99 per computer
 each additional PC $50.00
(Increases performance and speed-keeps parts running smoothly) (drop-off only)

*Spyware Removal included, Malware and Virus removal not included in PC Tune-up Lite
This does not include repair of parts, or repair of Windows damaged files or program damaged files.

Need to upgrade Windows XP Give us a call we can:

  • Test your machine to see if it is capable of handling Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • Backup all your data up to 8gig
  • Purchase and install operating system
    (cost for operating system software not included)
  • Install Drivers (if available from vendor, otherwise additional cost)
  • Install memory if needed (memory chip not included)
Cost for Installation: $90.00 normally $135.00

Software: Windows 7: $87.00 - $135.00

Memory chips if needed: $25.00-$75.00

Windows 7 Requirements
Windows 8 Requirements
Please note: if your machine is older than 2007 it is not recommended to upgrade.



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