Full PC-Tune-up Optimization 
$90.00 (save $10.00) Two PC's  $140.00 (save $40.00)     what's included

PC Tune-Up Lite                    $50.00  per computer     what's included

Senior Discount read more 10% OFF (save 10% if you are over 65) 

New Customer Discount   $5.00 OFF over $50.00 (save $5.00)

Windows New Install-Upgrade   $15.00 OFF (save $15.00)

Referral   $5.00 OFF over $50.00 (save $5.00)

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General Maintenance of your PC can increase the life of your computer, up to 2-3 years The overall performance and speed will increase 25%

*. All In One Computer's On site services include a trip charge of $20.00 if you are located more than 10 miles away from our location. Prices may vary due to the nature of computer problems. There is a minimum charge of one hour. A $20.00 pick-up and delivery fee may apply. **Client must provide the Operating System and license (product key) or purchase a valid license. We do not install operating systems or any software without a license. (Windows 7 as long as you have a license can now be downloaded) *Spyware Removal included, Malware and Virus removal not included in General PC Tune-up This does not include repair of parts, or repair of Windows damaged files or program damaged files.

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